Monday, October 15, 2007

Elise’s Night Club-

My nightclub will be smooth, sexy, lush and comfortable. It will be inspired by modern art movements such as abstract expressionism, cubism, pop art, optical art all of which focus on the use of colour and shape to express feelings and moods. There will be a deep rich colours on the walls and artworks as feature walls. There will be endless lighting highlighting the stage, bar and dancefloor areas. The nightclub will have an organic abstract curviature to it including the bar, stage, upstairs lounges and balcony overlooking the stage. It will be curved, modern and sleek. There will be luxurious polished wooden floors and wooden stairs leading to the second floor, stainless steel and wooden accents throughout the bar area and tall ceilings giving the sense of space. There will be a nightly DJ and weekly live bands appearing. It will attract people ages 18-30.

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