Monday, October 22, 2007


After further research and thought i have decided to call my nightclub "Utopia" which will be a modern and stylish theme for my design. This will be a place where hip regulars sip exotic cocktails on soft-cushioned lounges and dance until early hours of the morning. Utopia ill be the hottest venue to be seen in. I am going to use the symbol of a key as the symbol to represent the club in many different ways.(The key to utopia-a perfect place) This symbol will be used for V.I.P keyrings, promotional flyers, a feature wall image, entry stamp symbol etc. I want to use a warm and inviting colour scheme incorporating deep purples and reds, golds, fresh white, shiny and timber finishes, mood lighting and devine material. I want to use soft curves throughout my club design on things such as the service bar, d.j booth, lounges and tables and V.I.P box to creating a funky and inviting mood that looks, smells and feels glamerous. I will also incorporate modern images and details to enhance the overall atmosphere of Utopia. The main focus of my design is to create an inviting environment for socialising, drinking and dancing. A mixture of the very latest house, hip-hop and R&B music will be played.

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