Monday, October 22, 2007

my club


This is a Tattoo insired day/evaning club.

A place where anyone can come in show off there tatts have a beer or wine during the day or come back with a group of mates and watch live music while shaken what there momma gave them.

Whispers is Tattoo inspired, showing Flash art and film clips of tattoo canventions and world renowned artists at there best.
there will be a small upstaires bar and balcony where you can sit out in the fresh air and have a bite to eat or have your own private function.
The design is inspired by a drawing of my own which will be the feature of the club and using the colours from that piece in the colour skeam of the interior.
the colours will be black,grey, a pastel pink , white and gold to add a lil bling and a hint of checkers to give it a clean punk/indy look if that is possible.
I want whispers to look clean and heavenly while at the sametime being a place filled with tattood people and there friends from the age of 18 to40 and there familys.

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