Monday, October 15, 2007

jade's nightclub


The name of my nightclub is C.U.B., which (in this context) basically means ‘youth’. I’m using this name because the target market of the club is ages 18 to 27. The theme is 80’s vs. ethnic! Ethnic meaning, African, Indian, Bollywood etc. mixed with authentic 80’s!! My inspiration is primarily from M.I.A’s art. Her music will also be the feature album playing in C.U.B. The atmosphere of C.U.B. will be energetic, colourful, fun, loud, shiny, metallic, 80’s vs. ethnic, African and heaps of lights! The logo ‘C.U.B.’ will be in a blocky pixelly font to represent the authentic 80’s feel. C.U.B. is just a nightclub, not a day club, hours from 8 am to 5 am. Inside there will be a few plasma TV’s, a bar, a dance floor, lounges, seating and a jukebox. There will also be an area with beanbags and pillows for a more relaxed area. The plasmas will mostly being playing MI.A.’s film clips and other 80’s and ethnic videos. The dance floor will be a large part of the club with lights and animated shapes on the floor using lots of bright colours. The staff will be dressed appropriately in 80’s and ethnic clothes and anything colourful, creative and bright. I think I want to incorporate a lion or tiger cub in my logo, obviously because it relates to the name ‘C.U.B.’ and also because it relates to Africa!

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